Arif Abdillah

_ MICROSOFT : Tabula Rasa


Make a branded content of maximal 2 minutes showing the infinite possibility of Microsoft Surface.



Rotterdam was bombed to  the ground in 1940 in World War II. After the war was ended, Rotterdammers took a bold move to look at them self as a blank slate. As a Tabula Rasa.

The ability to look at any moments, even as grim as being bombed as an opportunity to create is what makes us human. The hunger to create.

Microsoft Surface is a tool to create, a tabula rasa allowing us to ask 'what could you be?' so easily and so consistently.



To searched authentic historical footages from Rotterdam city archive , edit it, transformed it to picture , print it, coloured it by hand and scanning it back to create Tabula Rasa

Arif Abdillah